If you would like to be a volunteer in rural Thailand, teaching English to primary and/or secondary school, we have a program for you.

As a volunteer you will get to help students from one of the poorest regions in Thailand, they need you the most.

You will teach during the day and also be able to learn about Thai culture in your spare time if you wish.

You will stay at Horm Homestay and take a bicycle to  one of the schools around, which will be no fuether than 6 Km away.

You will have a lovely private room. Breakfast and dinner are given at homestay, while lunch will be provided by the school. You will have access to the internet from Horm Homestay.

Instead of joining volunteer program that take your money to do very little for the schools thative you, come and contact the school directly! 

Our fees are very low and are basically what is enught to maintain you here. We don't want your money, we want your help :)

  Volunteer   2000  Baht/week         
  Roughly      58       $/week 42 €/week   36 £/week 

Horm is an experiened English teacher, very involved with the educational system and will be able to happily provide you with any assistance you might need.

If you are interested please send us an e-mail as we have limited availabity. Please press the link above and in "Message subject" type Volunteer.


Leslie and Clay

From the Volunteer

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