They are stay very sweet in Ban Nonpho. They often said that , We love the nature so much... everything here is very good .


Mr. Clay Allred is a person who love and crazy in pets. There puppies are. Din, Nam. Lom and Frie...yes , they are living at his host family.


They are very good vulanteers who can help everything , however this work is so hard but they are happy to help. ..OHHH my God .. they are for our school really.


This is the Loy Kratong Festival...Leslise is very beautiful in the green Thai dress that her Thai mummy give her...Wowwwwwwww they enjoy and happy to know about Thai stlye.


Maybe Leslise and her Thai mum are more beautiful than all flowers here..right?


Ruanthai is the one that our vulanteers like to visite.


Sawasdee krab and Sawasdee ka...How they can doing very wonderful?..I really respect them so much...


Thanks for your kindness that you came for develop our students very well for English...Thank you  so much..My Allred.